Project support


Ekne ecology has a long experience of project management and we can help you all the way. We help you to develop and refine your ideas, we write the project application for you if you need financing, and we can also run the project for you or support the project manager.


Project planning
To be able to run a successful project many things must fall in to place. The goals must be clear, the project organisation must be well organised and the evaluation method must be relevant, among other things. We have done all this over and over and can help you to acchieve what you want.  


Project applications

 Need funding for you project? We have written many project applications, large and small, and we know how to do it. If you want, we will write the application for you or we can support you on the way.



One thing that is often forgotten when planning a project is the communication. A good comunication process, both internal and external, is crucial for the success of a project. We can help you to plan and execute the project communication.