We have a long experience of giving training courses and we always get good reviews from our participants. The training course are never about stuffing people with facts but rather about using the thoughts, ideas and exepriences that the participants bring with them. Toghether we create a learning process that will widen our perspective and give us something useful to work with in the future.


Examples of training courses:


Basic environmental knowledge
How to work as an environmental officer
How to engage others in environmental issues
How to communicate sustainable development


We give training courses for staff in both public and private organisations. Here are some reviews from former participants:


"Fantastic methology and content!"
"Exactly the right level. I have learned so much!"

"An incredibly good and engaging trainer."
"You were fantastic! Fun and with a lot of knowledge!"







Interested in a workshop? Together with you we will plan a workshop that will give the participants a chance to learnv more and to work actively with knowledge and values regarding sustainable development. We can also be the facilitator on workshops or seminars that you have planned yourself.